Get Strong Criminal Defense Against Any Charge

Get Strong Criminal Defense Against Any Charge

Let attorney Reynolds help you through criminal law cases, like drunk driving, in Chickasha, OK

Everyone deserves a fair trial when they're fighting criminal charges. Eric C. Reynolds, Attorney at Law will fight for your rights as a defendant in any Chickasha, OK court.

While common criminal law situations like drunk driving and robbery can plague your life, every situation is unique. Attorney Reynolds will use his legal experience to defend your case as best as possible, especially for juvenile defendants. He'll do his best to help those headed to juvenile court avoid permanent damage on their record.

No matter what happened, you can trust attorney Reynolds to be on your side. Call 405-222-1234 now to obtain the legal guidance you need.

What types of cases does attorney Reynolds handle?

Attorney Reynolds handles a variety of criminal law situations in the Chickasha, OK region. He can assist you with:

  • Felony cases - Major crimes that could lead to long jail sentences.
  • Misdemeanor cases - Lesser crimes that could result in fines or short jail times.
  • Juvenile cases - Crimes committed by someone 17 and younger.

If you're facing charges of drunk driving, robbery or any other type of criminal activity, fight for your rights with the help of a professional attorney. Talk to attorney Reynolds now to learn how he can help.